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These beautiful quotes from Real Madrid’s La Duo decima Movie will make you have goosebumps

Real Madrid made history back in June as the Spanish Club became the first ever club to successfully defend the UEFA Champions League title. Real Madrid have now won the Champions League for a record twelfth time which is at least 5 more than any other European club. AC Milan is the closest team to them with 7 Champions League titles to their name.

Real Madrid TV dedicated a specially movie for the Champions League success. The movie was premiered last night on Real Madrid TV and it had some chilling off the screen moments recorded in it which will for sure give you goose bumps.

Here are few of the best picks:

Before leaving for Cardiff to play Juventus, Perez had a lot of confidence in his players as he is seen telling Raul about his players: “These are very good.”

Real Madrid were accompanied by club legends Carlos, Figo, Mijatovic, Raul and Salgado on their way to Cardiff. They asked Zidane: “Stressed?”

Salgado patted on Zidane’s face and replied: “If Zizou gets stressed we’re screwed.”

Luis Figo confronted Cristiano Ronaldo and ask his country mate, how’s he feeling ahead of the Final and Cristiano assured him: “I’m calm and confident. We will win this.”

In the only training session in Cardiff, Marco Asensio scored a spectacular Golazo and he rushed to the cameraman saying: “Did you record it? Well never mind you’ll surely record the one in the Final.” (Laughs)

And then one of the most hilarious moments in the La DuoDecima movie, while Roberto Carlos was taking a picture with his country mates Casemiro, Marcelo and Danilo, Luka Modric joined in the picture.

Carlos said: “You’re Croatian Luka”

Luka replied: “Yes I’m Croatian, but I play like Brazilians.”

Everyone laughed and Marcelo gave a kiss on Luka’s head.

If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it right now. The movie will give you unreal goosebumps. This is why we love Real Madrid.