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Dani Alves tells why Neymar was right to end his partnership with Lionel Messi

Neymar’s world record move of 222 million Euros came as much of a surprise to the Football World but Dani Alves knows has revealed the reason for Neymar’s move from Spain to France. The Brazilian was one of fan’s most favourite players in the Catalan club and they tipped him to be Leo Messi’s successor once the Argentine hangs his boots.

Dani Alves didn’t leave the Catalan club in the best of moods and in an interview to ABC last year, Alves told:

“Football is full of hypocrisy, jealousy and false friends. Those in power at Barcelona right now have no idea how to treat their footballers properly.”

However, in his recent interview with FIFA, Alves has told it was important for Neymar to end the partnership with Leo Messi. When asked did he influence Neymar to join PSG, Alves said:

“I hardly had anything to do with it, though I was involved when he signed for Barcelona.”

“It was just a case of me getting here before him; he was unsure about what to do. I just told him to follow his heart and be happy. That was the only advice I gave him”.

Alves also revealed why it was important for Neymar to end his partnership with Leo Messi. Alves said:

“The thing is, Neymar had to come out of Messi’s shadow.”

“He’s Argentinean and we’re Brazilians. Sooner or later we had to come up against each other. I think Neymar has a better chance of achieving things individually when he’s not close to Messi.”

“It was important for Neymar’s own development and for Brazil for him to follow his own path.”


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