Champions League

Former Madrid and PSG star David Beckham talks about the clash of his former teams

Tomorrow’s Champions league clash against Real Madrid and PSG promises to be a classic. While Real Madrid hold a 2 goal advantage, PSG have an important away goal to their credit. Both sides were rated as favorites to win the Champions League this year but tomorrow would see one of them bid farewell to the competition.

David Beckham, the former English International who played for both PSG and Real Madrid during his professional career talked about the high profile game at an Adidas event.

Beckham looked back at his playing career for both the teams. The Englishman said:

“I spent four excellent years in Madrid. I didn’t spend so much time at PSG but, clearly, winning the championship was huge. I love this club and the fans. They are incredible. The same goes for Real Madrid.”

However, David Beckham still remains uncertain as to whom he should pick as the winner. The former English International gave his good wishes to both the side.

“It’s going to be an incredible match. It is very difficult to choose [who will win]. I like both clubs, they have a lot of passion.”

Both sides are hit with their own injury concerns. For Real Madrid, midfielders Toni Kroos and Luka Modric battle to be fit in time for the game while for PSG, Neymar has been ruled out while Kylian Mbappe struggles to be fit for the game. Toni Kroos and Luka Modric however have both been included in the Real Madrid squad for the PSG game.