Champions League

Liverpool Defender Dejan Lovren aims dig at Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos

Liverpool and Croatian defender Dejan Lovren has had the best year on a collective level. He played the Champions League Final with his club Liverpool and also reached the World Cup Final with his country Croatia. However, on both occasions, Dejan Lovren ended on the losing side much to his disappointment.

Before the World Cup Final, Lovren had commented that he is the best defender at the moment. The defender was criticized a lot for his comments. However, in an interview with COPA90, the defender has clarified his comments.

“I said I’m one of the best defenders in the World I don’t think I said anything wrong.”

“Of course my haters will always say that (I’m wrong). What can I say? Is anyone perfect here?”

“People always judge you for your mistakes but they never see the good things you do. I would say, I don’t deserve the hate.”

Lovren also stated that in the Premier League, there aren’t a lot of people who have achieved his feat of playing two big Finals in the same year.

“Tell me a player who has played in the Champions League Final and few months later in the World Cup Final?”

“I was searching this information and in the Premier League, I’m the second player after Thierry Henry. I didn’t win it but I still deserve credit.”

Lastly, Lovren also took at Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos claiming he makes more mistakes than him but it goes unnoticed.

“If you look at Sergio Ramos, he makes more mistakes than I do. But he is at Real Madrid. If you do a mistake and then win 5-1, 5-2 nobody sees the mistake.”

“However, I’m quite unlucky. When I make a mistake, its 1-0 and finished. But I carry on. Without mistakes I can never reach where I am.”