Champions League

Marcelo’s beautiful words when asked about Cristiano

Real Madrid vice captain spoke to Club Del Deportista in an interview and also talked about his best buddy Cristiano Ronaldo who moved to Juventus in the summer. Marcelo also talked about Real Madrid’s bad start to the season but that was something the Brazilian played down as its too early to comment on the season’s outcome. 

When asked about Real Madrid’s dismal performance in La Liga, Marcelo said:

“You can’t rate a season in September, it’s crazy. It’s February when everything starts to take shape, and at the moment we’re alive in all the competitions. Now we have a Club World Cup that we have to win.”

Marcelo was also asked about loss to CSKA which went into the history books as it was Real Madrid’s worst defeat in European history. Marcelo said:

“We have won 4 Champions Leagues in 5 years and everyone thinks its normal but it isn’t. There are some big teams who have won only 1 or 2 or may be none.”

“We have created a very strong team and we have been together for long which is one of the keys to winning Champions League. It doesn’t make it easier to win the Champions League but it becomes less difficult.”

When asked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence at Real Madrid, Marcelo said:

“Cristiano was not only a teammate but he is also my friend.”

“It is clear that if the best player in the World is not in your team, you will miss him. Any team will like to have Cristiano Ronaldo but in the end Madrid will always be Madrid and we will have the best players in every position.”

Real Madrid play against Rayo Vallecano tonight before leaving to Dubai for the Club World Cup where they will be hoping to win it for the 3rd consecutive time.