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Xavi gives his opinion on Real Madrid without Cristiano

After 9 glorious years at Real Madrid, Cristiano parted ways with the Spanish club this summer. Ronaldo left from the best team in Spain to the best team in Italy. Juventus have been struggling to make their mark in Europe but the arrival of Ronaldo has reignited their hopes of bringing home a much awaited Champions League title.

Former Barcelona player Xavi gave an exclusive interview to Spanish website MARCA in which he discussed various aspects.

Xavi was asked if he is surprised that Real Madrid have won 4 out of the last 5 Champions League while playing in Leo Messi’s era? Xavi replied:

“No. The Messi era isn’t over and if you look at it, its amazing. Before Leo Messi, Barcelona only had 1 Champions League title, now they have 5.”

Messi’s era hasn’t been bad. Whereas before Cristiano, Real Madrid already had 9 UCL. Messi has changed Barcelona’s history.”

Xavi was asked of his opinion about Real Madrid without Cristiano and is he surprised to see Real suffer without Cristiano. Xavi answered:

“I’m surprised because I thought Real Madrid would play better without Cristiano. Cristiano offers you a lot, like those 50 goals he scores but I thought Real Madrid would play better collectively without him.”

Xavi was also asked if Barcelona will also suffer once Messi hangs up his boots or decides to leave for a new adventure and he replied:

“Obviously you’ll note the difference. Messi defines the game play of the whole team. He is not just a goal scorer, he is a play maker.”

“When Messi has been unavailable because of injury, you can really tell. The team hasn’t been the same.”

Xavi was asked to say something about Leo Messi and the former Barcelona midfielder said:

“Messi is stratospheric. I cannot say anything more about him. I’d give him the Ballon d’Or every year.”