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Former Real Madrid President reveals how Cristiano Ronaldo snubbed Barcelona

Cristiano Ronaldo snubbed Barcelona before moving to Real Madrid in 2009. The Portuguese winger was at the peak of his career when both Spanish Giants Real Madrid and Barcelona were interested in buying him. Both clubs presented their proposals to Manchester United as Cristiano Ronaldo wanted a move to La Liga.

However, as it turned out, Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid and snubbed Barcelona as he bid farewell to Manchester United in 2009.

The Former Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon talked to Talk Sport in an interview and he has revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson was tempted to strike a deal with Barcelona for the Manchester United forward.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the best of the best. Every day he gets up in the morning and his only obsession is to be the best. He always wants to be better than the day before.”

“It is true that Sir Alex offered Ronaldo to Barcelona and tried to avoid him going to Real Madrid. Barcelona were very happy at that moment but it was crucial of Ronaldo as he said I’m not going to any other club but Real Madrid.”

“This is why the deal was signed with Real Madrid. Everyone was happy, Man United received the world record transfer fee, Real Madrid got World’s best player and Cristiano got his dream club.”

“Players like Cristiano are not looking for money, they look for glory and they look for clubs who can give them the opportunity to win titles, to be the best in the World. Not many clubs can give him what he wants.”


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